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What Does Think Video Production Do?

Brisbane video production company, Think Video Production, has a strong focus on corporate video production. We’ve been operating in the Brisbane and Gold Coast areas since 2016, building up a great reputation with our clients and providing exceptional corporate videos.

Video content is the most popular format for social media marketing today, making it an important part of your marketing mix. Even if you don’t need it for social media, video is a fantastic format for capturing your business in action and expressing something that can’t be seen through still images, audio, or text alone. We can provide that missing piece in your marketing strategy.

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We will sit down with you to understand your goals and vision for the video project. Once we know what the end goal is, we will work on brainstorming ideas and forming a masterplan. You have final approval on any concepts or ideas that come up, so we can make sure we’re producing exactly what you’re looking for.

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Using modern professional film equipment, we will capture all the film needed to produce a polished product. Sound, video, images, and everything necessary for the final cut is included in this filming process to make sure we have more than enough media before editing begins.

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Video Editing

A lot goes into making a corporate video. Most of the footage taken won’t make the final cut after the editing process starts. More editing is necessary for short, direct marketing videos whereas less might be needed for corporate training videos or other non-marketing videos. Whatever we have to do to get the right results, we include that as part of the editing process.

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Full Corporate Video Production in Brisbane

When you work with us, we give you the full package. There’s no point in the process where you’ll feel like we’ve left you hanging. Whether or not you have any experience in marketing and video production, we’ll help you reach the results you’re looking for. Our goal is to get you the highest ROI possible from every bit of video we produce for you.

For corporate video production, it’s better to work with the same company from start to finish, because the result is usually a much more coherent product. You want to present your vision to the same people or company who’s going to be creating the content for you in order to avoid something important getting lost in translation. That’s why we offer the full package, so you can feel confident that what you get is exactly what you need.

Why Choose a Corporate Video Production Company?

Many video production companies do a fantastic job. But, you don’t just need a video that looks and sounds good. When you’re making corporate videos for marketing, training, events, or otherwise, you need it to be made with a goal in mind. Corporate video production offers you a more direct path to results, whereas a normal video production company may not be so results-oriented.

When you work with a professional corporate Brisbane video production company Think Video Production, you can expect a few benefits:

  • Experience

While fresh and unique content is important, it’s also essential to work with a company that knows what’s involved in making certain types of content for corporate use. This will make the whole process smoother and is likely to produce better results. You don’t want your video looking out of place for its intended use, which is unlikely to happen if you work with an experienced company.

  • Business-Appropriate Content

Some content that’s produced has to be immediately recalled because of something it featured that wasn’t appropriate for the business. In these cases, the content may have to be re-edited or scrapped entirely, wasting the whole investment. A corporate video production company has a better chance of helping you iron out these issues before the video is finished, creating a final cut that you can use without damaging your reputation.

  • Relevant Marketing Knowledge

In pre-production, having a company that can help you cast an excellent vision for video content will make the process easier. Marketing videos are not the same as every other type of video, especially entertainment videos, so you can’t necessarily trust that every creative idea will translate into performance metrics. Some fantastic ideas won’t work well for marketing, but you may not find out until it’s too late, unless you work with a company that has the expertise to point it out beforehand.

  • Understanding of Goals

All video production companies understand the basic goals of video content, such as getting a certain number of views. Not all companies understand how to reach more business-related goals like creating conversions or increasing sales. The right production company for you is one who understands something about the business needs behind the content and can create a final product that will help to reach those goals.

Choose to work with a company that can get you the best results. For a video production Brisbane based company, there’s no better choice than us! Contact Think Video Production today for a consultation about your upcoming event filming or corporate video needs.

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Think Video Production is a Brisbane based creative production company working for various clients and agencies in South East Queensland.

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