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For corporate video production, Brisbane and the Gold Coast can count on Think Video Production for excellent service, great footage and polished productions. We are a professional video production company serving the corporate market working out of Brisbane.

Our corporate service covers the entire video production process from start to finish. Everything from pre-production to filming to editing is covered when you choose to work with us. Let us help you take your business up to the next level and engage your existing and potential customers with video and all it offers.

Video is an essential part of a modern company’s marketing mix. With smart marketing video production, your company can improve its online presence through search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing and much more. The first step is finding a professional video production company with a tailored approach.

Marketing is so important to you that you can’t afford to work with the wrong company. Video content is an opportunity to show your potential customers a glimpse of what your company is like. Make sure you’re doing yourself justice by only using the best video content you can get.

Business Promo Videos

You have a story to share with the world. We want to help you tell it right from the start.

Promo videos can do a lot for your business, whether it’s showing what your products are capable of or making a connection with your customers. Video is the perfect format for promotional content, because it draws in more viewers and holds their attention for longer.

Think Video Production has a wealth of experience in producing promotional video content. We’ve worked with a diverse range of companies, creating content starting from the idea and planning phase all the way to the final edited production.

For promotional content to be effective, it needs to be both useful and engaging. People viewing the video should find some value in exchange for their time and attention. No matter if it’s entertaining or informational, the amount of value your content provides will determine the success of your promotional content.

If you need to create promotional video content for your company, video marketing Brisbane company Think Video Production has you covered.

Ace Aviation - Business Promo Video
Leolec Electrical - Corporate Promo Video
AIBT - Student Support Team

Client Testimonial Videos

It can hard to convince potential customers that your business is as good as you say. Client testimonials are one way to build up more credibility with viewers, but only when they’re done well. There are a few critical elements that must be featured in a client testimonial to make it not only believable, but also genuine and helpful. We understand what’s needed and we know how to help you achieve the perfect balance.

Client testimonials can help bring your leads closer to becoming customers. The biggest benefit of a testimonial is allowing leads to see and hear from your customers directly, rather than reading an online review or a written testimonial. Videos have a more intimate and personal feel that can get leads to connect with your business through the experiences of someone else.

If videos testimonials are not done well, they can come across and fake, scripted, or non-genuine. Think Video Production can help you avoid that disaster to your business by doing it right the first time, resulting in a fantastic marketing video production that will draw in new customers. Our approach to video testimonials has produced excellent content for previous customers, and it can work for you too.

Effigy Consulting - Client Testimonial
SkyMesh - Client Testimonial Video
The Dent Academy - Client Testimonial Video

Social Media Video Marketing

Business promo and client testimonial videos work well on those who are already in the market for your services/product. In other instances, when you’re trying to capture the attention of a greater audience or you’re just trying to stand out from the crowd, a different approach may be in order.

The goal in such instances is to create a video that is rewarding for the viewer. Whether it’s entertaining, comedic or thought provoking, you want to give the viewer a reason to keep watching. If such a video is created well, it should result in a stronger organic interaction rate on social media streams. Those likes, shares and re-tweets will play a part in ensuring your video reaches a wider audience.

You don’t need to have your own ideas and concepts to get started. We can work with you to come up with the perfect idea to meet your needs and get the results you’re looking for.

Think Video Production is well equipped to help you with marketing video production. As a corporate video production Brisbane company, we’re familiar with what it takes to succeed with video content locally and online. Let us walk you through the commercial creation process to deliver fantastic results.

KDM Financial - Web Series Video
Our House Fitness - Instagram Ad

Meet The Corporate Video Production Team

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Camera Operator

Think Video Production is a Brisbane based creative production company working for various clients and agencies in South East Queensland.

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