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Event Videography Brisbane

Event videography Brisbane is an area the Think Video Production team specialise in. We cover all sorts of events, everything from workshops, conferences, seminars, debates, launch parties, excursions and parties.

Whether you need to promote an upcoming event or wish to capitilise by capturing the content of a planned event, the Think Video Production is here to help.  Here are a few examples of some of the services and benefits you stand to gain working with us.  Having the right people in your corner can make all the difference.

Seminars / Workshops / Conferences

Networking, networking, networking. As an entrepreneur, small business or large corporate company, your network can be your net worth. For this, conferences are at the top of the list of events designed to provide high networking benefits. Sure, planning conferences can consume quite a deal of money and time, but their return on investment (ROI) is invaluable. With a corporate event videography Brisbane based company like us, we can help ensure you get the maximum possible ROI.

In the lead up to your event, its success can hinge on how well you market it. If no one knows about your event, it doesn’t matter how well everything is planned. With video being the most successful form of advertising, who better than the Think Video Production team to provide you with an engaging video to promote your event.

When it comes to the day of your event, it will no doubt be filled with a bunch of amazing content. Without video coverage, that content has a shelf-life of just that one day!  Having high quality professional video coverage on the day will unlock a range of benefits, such as:

  • The video can be chopped up and slowly released online to give you a steady stream of content for your social media channels.
  • The video can be packaged and sold as a training course etc.
  • It will give you relevant video material to help market future events.

With all these benefits, can you afford not to hire a team of Brisbane event videography professionals?

Work Parties & Excursions

Event videography isn’t always about informative or educational events, it can also be fun and lighthearted. Producing an event highlight video of a work party or function can show-off a different side of your business, secure numbers for future events, or just to remember the memory.

The Think Video Production team have covered many such events in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. We have the right tools and experience to share the story of the day with video.

Evil Genius Down Under - Event Highlight
AIBT School Excursion - Event Highlight
KDM Financial Debate - Event Promo Video

Meet The Event Videography Team

Simon Woolnough


Carlos Trebilcock

Video Editor

Alfred Naupoto

Camera Operator

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