KDM Financial – Web Series Episode

Social Media Web Series Video Production
KDM Financial

Film Story

KDM Financial, a long term client of Think Video Production, contacted us once again for their video needs.  They wanted to produce a series of videos covering various topics, which they could release on their social media platforms on a weekly basis.

Scripts were prepared for each topic.  We dry hired a studio and shot all the videos in a single session.  The beauty of shooting in a studio, as opposed to an office, is there are fewer distractions and you’re not constantly battling the sound of day-to-day business activities potentially ruining takes (e.g. due to noise being picked up on the audio).  Shooting videos in bulk is also a great way to keep costs down, bringing the total cost for each video down to a fraction of what it would be for shooting a single video.

Video content continues to be a very successful component of KDM Financial’s marketing strategy.

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